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Discover The  Secrets To Getting Your Own…


"Professionally Designed Website  Built in 10 Minutes (or Less) With Just A Few Simple Clicks of Your Mouse"     

I Can Help You Set-Up A Virtual Cash-Machine Website That Will Blow Your Visitors Away And Have Them Clicking Your 
Buy Now Button Within Seconds!

 "In Ten Minutes (or Less) I Will Unlock the Secrets to Creating Your Own Cash-Machine Website(s) That Can Automatically Begin Flooding Your Inbox With Orders!”

From: Art Robertson

Dear Future Website Owner,

A Perfect “Profit-Flowing Website” can generate hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in online profits - almost overnight!

Most people just don’t have the time or “know-how” to create a sizzling “ORDER NOW” website that can run like a smooth (ATM like) Cash-Machine.   So that’s where we saw a need and stepped right in…

Please Listen Closely…

When I started my first Online business I didn't know a darn thing about creating a “Professional Looking Website Cash-Machine”. After studying a little online and seeing the amazing results my competitors were having with their cash-generating websites, I thought there must be a way to get my own “Professionally Designed Website Cash-Machine” without paying thousands of dollars in copywriting and website development fees.

So at first I tried creating it on my own; After all, it was supposed to simple, anyone can do it, right?

Boy was I wrong. Dead Wrong!

“New Breakthrough Discovery Provides A Non-Stop Cash-Flow…”

I studied and studied the basic structure of how to create a “Cash-Machine Website”, and gave it another shot. However, just one look at my copy, and you could tell that I lacked the skills necessary to create the type of cash-generating website I was looking for.

But, a short time ago I was sitting in front of my computer and an idea popped into my head.  I decided to make a few minor wording (and special formatting layout changes) to my website.

A few days passed by and…

The next thing I knew, my tiny little website literally started automatically EXPLODING with orders! You heard me right - loads and loads of orders came pouring into my inbox! I had finally penetrated the secrets to creating an honest-to-goodness “Cash-Machine Website ” !

What's the biggest obstacle in creating an effective website? Many people might say drawing customers. How do you draw customers? Persuasive sale copy. If your sales copy is not good, your product won't sell. It's that simple.

After that day I quickly realized how important it was to have a good sales copy and a well-written sales letter on my website.   No matter what your selling, POWERFUL SALES COPY IS THE SINGLE BIGGEST FACTOR TO DRIVING YOUR PROFITS THROUGH THE ROOF!

What is the biggest problem in creating a “Cash-Machine Website”?   Some people might think it is just drawing people to your website.   Let me tell you something - all the traffic in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t convert viewers into customers.    If your sales copy in your sales letter stinks, your product just won’t sell!  It’s that simple!    

The problem is that most people who create a new site don't have the money to invest in high-paid copywriters and designers to create their first website's sales copy and design layout!

What happens in many new web businesses is that they failing to push the product (or service), no matter how good it is! Not only that, but it can lead to the owners and investors completely giving up on the web because it's "not profitable".

The bottom line here is…

This couldn't be any further from the truth! The web is growing by the day, and with the Web 2.0 upon us, your potential for huge web profits could not possibly be any higher!

So what's the answer?
You could spend years trying to learn the secrets the professionals use in creating a “Cash-Machine Website”.

Or, if you have bucket loads of cash, you could just hire a copywriter and have them write it for you a cost of thousands and thousands of dollars!

But wait!  T here a much simpler and less expensive alternative!

The Website Cash-Machine , NEW COPYWRITERS SOFTWARE!

Here you can learn how to boost profit and write effective sales copy in a short-time without spending ridiculous amounts of time or money.Consider our small, one time fee, as a long-term investment for creating unlimited “Cash-Machine Websites”. Not only can you use our secret tips and information to build one website - it can help you create hundreds of cash-generating sites in almost no time at all!

“Our Revolutionary Copywriter Software Will Automatically Create Professional Looking Sales Pages For Every Product You Want to Sell Online!

Copywriter Software is a user-friendly copywriting product which will cash-pulling premium sales copy on your website, in no time flat.

Are you unfamiliar (like I was) about Website HTML as well? We can help there too!

Our revolutionary new software not only creates the sales copy for you, but it also formats it for the web so that all you have to do is follow our simple instructions and just fill-in-the-blanks. Once you have the information entered, it can be automatically  transformed into eye-popping sales copy at the click of a button!

If your website isn't giving you the type of business you hope for, this product is for you!

The software can turn a dull, ineffective website into a thriving web-based business able to bring in thousands of dollars in just a few minutes time!

It is the only software product available that offers you all of these exclusive features for a single one-time extremely low price:

  • Unlimited Profit Boosting Sales Pages For Every Product - Save hundreds of hours on creating your sales copy. No sales copywriting or website building experience necessary!
  • Save Thousands of Dollars of Your Hard-Earned Money - Cut out high-priced copywriters and reinvest your money into building more and more cash-generating websites.
  • Create Instantly Web Formatted Sales Pages for your Products - No more need for webmasters, html experience or anything else! Copywriter Software will create a well formatted sales page for you, one sure to impress your viewers and boost your profits! Not only this, but Copywriter Software will also optimize your HTML code for quicker loading speeds. Studies show a significant portion of America still uses dialup, are you capitalizing on that market?
  • Have your Website Instantly Search Engine Friendly - Copywriter Software automatically creates meta-tags for search engines. This means more traffic, which when combined with powerful sales copy can mean more cash-pulling sales!!
  • Increase Mailing List Subscribers -  It’s a common saying that"The money is in the list!" Copywriter Software has a built-in hover ad generator that automatically collects opt-in email addresses to help drastically increase the number of subscribers to your list.
  • Increase Online Profits - Explode your sales conversion rate by turning more of your prospects into buyers. Powerful sales copy is the primary key in reaching your customers and making more sales. It is by far the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MARKETING on the web. Copywriter Software creates powerhouse cash-pulling sales copy for you without all the work or technical knowledge of doing it yourself.
  • Plus a Whole Lot More.... 


“How Can Copywriter Software Work For YOU?

Copywriter Software has a built-in user friendly step-by-step wizard feature that will give you a quick way to create cash-generating web pages.

     It is Really Super-Simple…

  1. First, you open the software
  2. Then, you Fill-In the blanks with your product information and how you want your sales web page to look . 
  3. Next, Fill-In your payment processor information (e.g. Paypal, Shopping Cart, etc.) for your order form link.
  4. Preview your sales page to make sure it's absolutely what you want to appear for your customers.
  5. Press the "Finish Button" 
  6. Save the generated cash-pulling sales page to your chosen folder.
  7. Edit, Change or Tweak your sales page using the easy built-in page editor. 
  8. Upload the generated sales page files to your web host.

     AND YOUR DONE!!   

That's It!!

That’s all it takes to instant create your brand-spanking new professional sales page in just a few minutes!

Each time you open the software, you get to choose from 3 designer templates to format your sales page, then simply answer a few questions about your product, click the next button, save your newly-created sales page, and all you have left to do is upload it to your web-hosting company’s server. And of course, you can always Edit, Change or Tweak the generated sales page further using the easy built-in web page editor or in your favorite web page editor for your added convenience

Below is the screen shot of the software itself:


copywriter-software preview1  

“Here Is Exactly What You Will Receive When You Order Copywriter Software TODAY!”

·            Copywriter Software -  The complete download of Copywriter Software which you will install on your computer. No internet connection is required for the installation, once you have downloaded the software. 

·           Unlimited Sales Letter Creation -  There is NO limit to the number of cash-generating sales pages you can create for your website and the popular online auctions.

I could easily charge you $127 for this software-and you would be getting one heck of a deal, but for a limited time- you'll get Copywriter Software with an amazing introductory price of only $27.

That's right. Only $27 and you can be on your way to a professionally written and designed website in almost no time at all!

(Here's what online business owners are saying about the
NEW Copywriter Software.)



"This is a newbie's dream come true! Your software will effectively help a newbie create his/her first sales letter site in as little as 5 minutes!"

David Zandueta
, Philippines



"I am thrilled to have this software at my disposal!"


Wow! That’s about all you can say about this software. You would never think that something so easy to use could produce something so professional and effective! As the owner of a business that specializes in ad-copy, I am thrilled to have this software at my disposal! With this one piece of software my packages to my customers just got a whole-lot better! Thank you for such a wonderful piece of software!”

Paul Counts
Prescott, Washington USA



“Order Copywriter Software Today and 
You Will Also Receive $97 worth in FREE Header Graphics Bonuses!”


High Quality Niche Header Graphics  - You Get Fifty (50) 700X150 pixels header graphics in .PSD file format. You can easily edit the graphics and add your desired text using Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks. Use these instant header graphics to add eye-grabbing impact to all of your cash-generating websites.

PLUS, You Get Our Ironclad,
Full  60  Day
No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with Copywriter Software for any reason, just send me an email and I will immediately refund your invested money in its entirety-no questions asked! Fair enough?

There is NO RISK on your part. Order Copywriter Software Today!


Copywriter Software cannot be found or bought in your local software store, and it is exclusively available on this website. Because of the High Demand for this software, we can't hold the price down much longer!

So if you want EVERYTHING we’ve got here, at an insane deal, I urge you to order today.

The next time you visit the site, the price for this astonishing new product will likely be raised to the original price of $97. Order now and take advantage of the huge savings we are offering for a limited time.

Take action now
, while you can still receive the ultimately powerful Copywriter Software at the $27  INCREDIBLE $70 OFF - DISCOUNT before I change the price.

$27.00 is such a small investment when you consider how much it can increase your income even within the first week!  After you place your order, you will be taken to a page where you can instantly download the software and the no-fluff operating manual. Within minutes ... you will be creating
  your very own   professionally generated sales letters! Think of all the money you will save during your lifetime without having to hire expensive sales copywriters.  This small investment will pay for itself many times over ... and you have 60 days to try the software - RISK FREE!!

Copywriter Software  is all you need to take your small online business onto a new and exciting CASH-GENERATING level!

YES!  This is definitely what I have been looking for. I can’t wait to get my hands on your Powerful New Software PLUS All of your FREE BONUSES! I fully understand that I will…

·           Create Unlimited Professional Sales Web Pages

·           Get Hundreds of Dollars worth of Valuable Bonuses.

·           Iron-Clad 60 Day - NO RISK Money Back Guarantee

·           Get Copywriter Software at an Unbelievable Introductory price of only $27!





Here’s To Your New “Cash-Machine Websites”,

Art Robertson,
Success Publishers LLC

“But Wait, That’s Not All! 
When You Place
  Your Order Today ... We Will Throw In Two More Gifts Valued At Over $100.00!"


With your purchase today, you’ll not only receive the Amazing  Copywriters  Software  , but you’ll also get (2) Two More Free Bonuses valued at an additional $114.00! But you must act fast because we cannot guarantee that all the bonuses will be available for long!


Your  Two (2) FREE GIFTS  for simply test-driving the  Copywriters Software  are:


  •        FREE Gift #1 :  “Red-Hot Traffic In 10 Days This e-book will show you the secrets behind how the Pro's to generate loads of Free Traffic to their websites every day. This is an excellent companion to the Copywriters Software as it will help you get the most Free Traffic to your new website(s). (  Value: $57.00  ) 


  •        FREE Gift #2: Here is a powerful new piece of software that will help you create all the landing pages you want! Sonic Opt-In, like the Copywriters Software is simple and easy to use. You’ll be up in minutes creating your own Landing Pages. Now you will have your disposal, not one, but two programs that will let you create your virtual real estate empire. (  Value: $57.00  ) 


Place your order right now by clicking on the link below. Your Copywriters Software and your Free Bonuses will be delivered immediately! Stop wasting your precious dollars on professional copywriters. For only $27, you will now be armed with the tools to get the job done yourself … quickly, easily and without paying up to $10,000 per letter that a professional copywriter charges. Act right now and you will receive additional bonuses valued at over $100 just for trying the Amazing Copywriters Software.  You have nothing to lose with our Iron-Clad
No Questions Asked  - 60 Day - Money-Back Guarantee. Click on the order button below right now!


Are you wondering if this site is built using Copywriter Software? Yes, this site was created  using the software!

Remember, with the "no questions asked" total refund guarantee, there's no risk on your part. You have nothing to lose. So download your copy of Copywriter Software today!

Order Copywriter Software Today!

© Art Robertson - Success Publishers LLC 


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